As our fans know we currently hold 3 world records. Most recently last year we performed all 50 states in 12 days. So we take doing insane things very seriously and live for the challenges of doing the impossible and using that to help others. So we discussed this for months and have agreed to attempt a record that for months and have agreed to attempt a record that for so many reasons is next level insane. We are going to attempt to set a world record for performing the most COUNTRIES in ONE week. 7 days (168 hours). Monday morning we will arrive in Amsterdam,Netherlands and then load up a vehicle (here’s the crazy part, we will only be staying in the vehicle the whole week only leaving to perform and then back to driving) and travel as far as we can with a goal to perform a random show in at least 25 countries!!!! That’s right 25 countries in 7 days. That’s 3.3 countries a day! Fighting jet lag, difficult driving conditions, country boarders, and missing our families this time of year. We are doing this to raise money for toys for children in need (including teens) this holiday season! Last year we raised $60,000!!! This year we need to hit $75,000. Doing dangerous and insane stunts like this raise huge awareness and we need YOU the fans not only to donate anything you can but also to keep us staying positive when we haven’t slept for days and driving through Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and 22 others. Follow our journey right here on Facebook daily starting Sunday! You can donate here.
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List of countries we are going to attempt to perform in……. damn!
Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France.