6 days ago we took on a massive challenge. To set a world record by being the only people in history to make music in 25 countries in only a week! Literally almost having major issues including worst case scenarios we are still going. 7 days of sleeping in a van, 20 hours of driving each day, dangerous roads and borders, nothing has stopped us.

I just want to say..
I’ve cried several times on this trip internally. The other 2 guys wouldn’t see it but inside 1 was crying with gratitude that YOU all care enough about us, our mission, our passion and our brand to follow, support and genuinely show your affection and kindness. Whether we nail this record today or not (as we are currently driving 105 MPH across France) I want you to know that you’ll never know what it means to me to see thousands of donations come across my email account. People's names I don’t recognize and that I may never meet, supporting us and trusting us. It’s something I value deep in my soul and that is reflected with invisible tears. I never want to let you down. Thank you.


WORLD RECORD!!!!!!!!!!
It’s official!!!!! Unreal!! 25 countries 7 days!!! Please share this, & please donate.
It’s an emotional evening we are gonna grab a cat nap and then a flight HOME in 9 hours. 

More to come. ❤️

For 3 months we planned to attempt a world record. A record so insane nobody would attempt to break it. Well we flew across the world then drove over 8,000 kilometers, faced unreal circumstances and performed in 25 countries in 7 days. It was the hardest challenge we have ever faced. We never gave up and we raised lots of funds to help struggling families. So Europe you may have the most countries but there is only ONE country we want to be in now, America here we come.