I have been waiting months for this post. Today I celebrate my birthday and am incredibly grateful for the life I have. I have ONE wish ONE thing that truly would matter to ME. Everyday we receive literally hundreds of messages of people who are in need or need assistance etc. While we have incredible “fans” that I call friends (you) it’s rare that we ever ask for help. We are always on the side of helping. Well today for my birthday I need YOU. For real. I’m asking that you make a donation to the Recycled Percussion Foundation. I know that people ask for this kind of thing all the time. But I truly believe WE are doing incredible things. Many of you may not know that we do our tv show Chaos & Kindness for FREE. We have never made money off that show and all the things you see on our show are real and a direct reflection of our foundation. So my goal today is to raise as much money as I can for our foundation so we can continue to help those in need. So if you have ever found anything we have done for someone inspiring or believe in us here is your chance (on my birthday) to show us if you can. It’s simple and it WILL make a difference. I’ll even take it one step further. Anyone who donates on my birthday today, I will make a video tomorrow of me saying thankful you to every single name no matter how much you donate and post it! I rarely ever ask for anything today I ask you to help us help others. You can donate here. 

Thank you, for my birthday I want to help others. I need you ❤️