This is Walter and on July 3rd he will turn 100!!!!!
Well a month ago we made a post asking fans to tell us if they had someone they wanted to have us do something kind for. This story stuck out among thousands. Walter has for decades wanted his original WWll Navy uniform. Our understanding from those who take care of him, he asks all the time “where is my uniform”. So with his 100th birthday coming up, we started digging around all over the country to find an EXACT replica of his uniform down to the details of him being a Lt. Commander and his badges. Well we have found it! Can you believe it. Well, Walter has NO idea that we will be surprising him in the coming days, showing up at his facility and getting him the uniform he has been missing for decades. I couldn’t wait to share the news with you all and felt it was a heart warming story to share with you all. #walterturns100