As our fans know 18 days ago one of our band mates Tony Zane broke his femur very badly. He is still in hospital care and Tony not only is one of the most kind people but also one of the worlds best dancers and roller skaters. He came to NH this summer from LA to do the summer tour with us. Well his profession is currently in jeopardy and he is fighting hard. He has a LONG recovery and needs OUR help. Our band has never asked for any support for one of our own and have instead spent years doing things for strangers so we are hoping the karma comes back this way. We are going to raise as much money as we can in only 24 hours by putting ourselves in a box 200 feet in the air! Think about that for a moment. This is absolutely insane. This will start tomorrow and we will be reporting love from the top of NH. Also this past week in my home state of NH there was a tragic motorcycle accident claiming the lives of seven people. Our goal with raising money is to also build a memorial for them in the town of Randolph,NH. More on that tomorrow. We only have 24 hours to pull this off. So we need to get the word out. Share this post. We will put everyone’s name who donates ANY amount in the credits of our tv show. You can donate here below. Anyone who donates $200 or more we will personally call you from the top of this crane tomorrow and have a fun conversation with you! Let’s help Tony with his year long recovery and let’s create something special for the victims of an awful tragedy.