Last night was magic. I get asked all the time “justin who inspires YOU”. Well many of you may know the story of Kris. My best friend for 2 decades. 2 years ago was in a car accident and was in the backseat. He spent months in a coma and has suffered a major brain injury leaving him unable to speak, walk and live a normal life. But he is 100% there and texts me almost everyday. To this very second he has never ever ever sent me a negative message about his situation. He has never complained once and said “why me” even know it wasn’t his fault. He always smiles and yesterday it was 100 degrees and he was first person to get front row in his wheelchair. Say in the heat for hours and enjoyed what he says “the best show I’ve ever seen” (and he has seen us hundreds of times). Kris will never be the same, but he will always be my best friend and someone who I will cherish every moment with like this one captured after last nights show.