Today was magic!!

2 weeks ago the young boy on the right (Aiden) attended one of our concerts. That evening I invited him on stage and asked him if he could do me a huge favor. I asked Aiden if I gave him an Xbox if he could find another boy girl to gift it to. A child in need of inspiration. Well today we received this picture that Aiden lived up to that promise and gave this to a young boy named Grady. Grady has a rare disorder called ALD. After speaking with the school counselors and Principal, Aiden was granted permission to make today special for Grady.  I'm beyond thrilled that we were able to inspire this act of kindness but the credit needs to go to Aiden and his family for making sure this promise to us came true. Awesome stuff, love this so much. Aiden you crushed the F out of this mission!! ❤️