I was driving with Ryan on our day off, look to my left to see 2 ladies under the hood of their vehicle in a parking lot alone. I quickly turn my car in to see if we can help. Their battery was dead and they had no money or way to get help. So Ryan and I drove to an auto parts store, grabbed a battery and swapped it out for them. They had no idea who we were despite fans honking their horns at us over and over as they drove by. But this isn’t what this post is about. For a long time now I’ve been seeing cars pulled over on the road and I keep saying To myself “i need to help these folks”. So today I did what I said I would. However this mother and daughter are in tough shape. Their vehicle is unreal, Unsafe and inhumane. They don’t know anything about us or our amazing fans. In fact I didn’t even mention this to them. I’m doubting they will ever see this. BUT how frigging cool would it be if we can get them a cheap used vehicle that would change their lives or help them in some way. If each of our fans donated a few dollars we will track them down, so something wicked for these two ladies on behalf of YOU. Either way I hope you share this post as it will inspire people to take an hour out of their day like Ryan and I did to help someone randomly in need. Donate at here. Lets do this all in the next 24 hours! Please share ❤️