Please read every word, as this is a year in the making. Today it is with absolute love and passion we announce the growth of Chaos & Kindness. Our vision has been to turn C&K into a global brand, with the idea you can make inspiring people, fun, creative and bad ass. Well today we take that next step in the progress of growing by announcing that earlier this year we purchased a 4,000 SF building in Laconia,NH to build and create the FIRST every Chaos & Kindness store/experience and community outreach Headquarters. Last year we sat down as a team and thought long and hard about WHERE and WHY we wanted to do this. Our vision of building a global brand has always been a passion of mine. I took Recycled Percussion from a high school talent show to a multi million dollar global performance group and it’s been nothing short of amazing. Well we looked at opening the store in either Las Vegas, Boston or New Hampshire. After considering everything we decided that New Hampshire needed to be FIRST. When looking at the state everyone said “don’t do Laconia” as it will fail. That’s all I needed to hear. I wanted to go where nobody else would. I have visions this year of opening stores in the seacoast, Boston, vegas and southern NH but Laconia, its YOU who needs the kindness. Laconia seemed to be the right fit. I was born in Laconia Hospital so it only seemed fitting that’s the Chaos & Kindness stores are born there also. What to expect from these stores. They will be an experience. We will have products that have purpose. One side of the store will be “chaos” and trust me it will be chaos, full of games, music, sweet and innovating products to have fun and be inspired by. The other side of our store will be “Kindness”. There will be a program designed to have canned foods for people in need, school clothes for kids that can’t afford them and other ways to support whatever community our stores are in. A great example, on the kindness side, someone can play skee ball and win tickets, the tickets don’t get YOU prizes but allow you to pick out canned foods to fill bags where our team will reach out to community members. The opening date of the first store will be announced soon but will be before the end of September. I’ve spent thousands of hours developing concepts in my head as I want chaos and kindness to be bigger than hallmark, more creative than apple, more fun than chunky cheese. I want it to be Motley Crue meets Ellen! So Laconia,NH we are investing into YOU. We plan on having massive events to launch the store and to bring people together. This is the start of what will be decades of growth, learning,laughing and crying. We are locked in for the long haul and look forward to employing people, inspiring people, and changing lives in the only way we know how... with chaos. So buckle up everyone chaos and kindness is about to explode and we will start this in NH... proudly..
We will pick 10 people who share this post, and invite you to see the store the day before it opens with a tour given by Ryan and I. The rest of you, I hope will come to this store, support our company and believe in us. Much love.
Justin & Ryan.