Just finished a great conversation with Manny the president of the Jarheads. Manny, who we have been communicating for a couple weeks has been through the unimaginable. The loss of 7 fellow veterans, Manny was there and has really had his world come crashing down, along with ALL the families. Manny and I are exploring ways to make a monument or tribute to these veterans who perished. We have been throwing ideas around from a metal statue style tribute to a custom trailer that the motorcycle group can take around with them and tell the stories of those who lost their lives. Whatever money we have remaining will be donated to whatever the Jarheads decide. This is THEIR story and heartbreak and we want to support them And the families effected. Three weeks ago we started conversations with a company in Plaistow,NH named Summit Metal Fabricators and they are 100% on board in helping us. There is also a VFW located in Randolph,NH who is fundraising to create a memorial also (not connected to ours) that needs support. So there is no wrong way to help. Everyone wants to do something kind for this terrible situation. We are going to meet next week and get more answers and ideas. Stay tuned and please keep the fallen seven and their families in your hearts.