As the sun has set, the cold air comes in. Suspended hundreds of feet in the air. I’m left to my thoughts of how fortunate we are to have YOU. Thousands of cars have honked today, hundreds of you have donated today. Last week 7 people who I have never met died in a terrible motorcycle accident. 18 days ago our band member and world class dancer had his career put on hold as he shattered his femur and has been in the hospital since. But here Ryan and I are. Finding the energy with your guidance to use our voice and platform to take these stories and do our best to make it a positive. Our goal is to build a memorial for those motorcyclist that can live on forever, and to help Tony through his insane rehab process so that he can someday feel the joy of the stage again. I write these words because we are gonna do both of those things only and truly only because of you. The ones that have donated and supported us means the world. You see people give us credit all the time, but it’s the working class person who doesn’t want any pat on the back and barely makes ends meet but donates $50 because they feel they have made a difference through us, and they have and will. So tonight if you read this know that I am personally going through every name that has donated and continues to and smiling at ever one of you. I ask that you share this post if nothing else so we can get this word out. Donate here. I love you guys and thank you for loving us back.