Don’t know where to start but I’ll try. Today Ryan and I drove to southern Massachusetts to meet Manny who is the president of the Jarheads Motorcycle group. Manny and his wife Valerie were in the front row of the tragic Motorcycle that claimed the lives of 7 individuals. We sat on the back porch of Manny and Valerie’s home and listened to their story as they battled tears. The circumstances were deviststing and the story crushes your soul. Our goal today was to show Manny the monument being created (see earlier post today) and to make a donation. It warms my heart today that we made the largest single donation in our foundations history today in the amount of $21,300 to the Jarheads MC. This money was raised through our stunt where we were suspended in a crane for 24 hours and you fans came through! Manny explained to us how thankful he was and was emotional at the donation. I want people to know this is NOT about us, this is about those effected by this tragedy and our fans coming together to ease that pain. I’m honored to even be apart of this and have so much gratitude that WE together made such a large donation and are also creating a special monument that will forever inspire. What a special day today and my heart goes out to everyone who has been effected by this.❤️